EVERTECH company offers integrated security systems

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The market of modern security systems is one of the most popular in the digital world, continuing its dynamic development. Along with the growth of requirements for the quality of equipment, its reliability and qualified service, the need for intelligent data processing systems is increasing.
EVERTECH company, the official dealer of TRASSIR, creates integrated video surveillance systems according to customer requirements, drawing on own experience and innovative TRASSIR solutions.
The partnership with TRASSIR allows us to offer TRASSIR software for video analytics, TRASSIR IP cameras and network video recorders on favorable terms. TRASSIR products are provided with comprehensive technical support from the manufacturer.
EVERTECH company offers TRASSIR video surveillance and security systems:
• for industrial facilities
• for the protection of warehouses and logistics complexes
• for banking and financial institutions
• for social and educational institutions
• for hotel complexes and restaurants
which are exclusively optimal solutions based on professional equipment, software, video analytics and information storage systems.
Our company is always ready to develop a comprehensive project of a video surveillance and access control system, according to your individual needs.